Aluminium Billet Production Line

As one of the pioneers in premium aluminium extrusion industry in Vietnam, Ngoc Diep Group has continued to build up prestigious trade mark with outstanding aluminium billets.

Dinostar Aluminium Factory has been invested thoroughly from offices to production lines. Dinostar aluminium billets, which have high quality, have been manufactured byadvanced technology from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, with 2 aluminium billet furnaces achieving capacity of 40,000 metric tons annually and the material of 100% aluminium ingots imported directly from Australia and Middle East.

Ngoc Diep’s aluminium billets are the results of sucessful science and technology research, renewal and application in manufacturing. Ngoc Diep is selt confident to become a premium aluminium billets manufacturer in Vietnam, and a prestigious billet supplier for domestic aluminium extrusion producing enterprises. Dinostar aluminium billets can compete against importing billets in the market currently.