Group News | 07-04-2021

Dinostar aluminum meets the RoHS standard – the standard for protection of people and the environment

During the past years, Dinostar Aluminum has successfully exported to demanding markets such as the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, but not for this reason,  it stops improving product quality, always complies with the requirements and regulations of the goods and qualified for certificates of origin and rigorous technical standards in any different markets around the world. Therefore, Dinostar Aluminum continues to improve and focus on the high-grade product line, safe for health, towards the trends of green architecture and materials.

On March 16, 2020, Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company received the RoHS certificate issued by SGS (One of the world’s most prestigious certification organizations). Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company is proud of being one of  Viet Nam enterprises supplying Aluminum products meeting RoHS standards.

RoHS standard is a strict standard that requires clean, impurities-free materials to limit dangerous substances on products to ensure safety for the environment and human health.

(Undergone rigorous testing procedures of inspection organizations in Europe, America … Dinostar Aluminum has successfully recognized this certificate as a passport to boost sales in  more difficult export markets ( in the future).