Group News | 07-04-2021

Ngoc Diep interior aluminum – Top Reputed brand

Over nearly 30 years of establishment and development, Ngoc Diep Group has affirmed its position in the domestic and international markets. Ngoc Diep’s products are always trusted and appreciated by customers, especially the new product line of Aluminum Furniture inherited and developed from the sustainable foundation of Ngoc Diep furniture brand:

  • Being a leading partner of famous furniture manufacturers and prestigious design companies in Vietnam and worldwide  such as Salvador Perez Arroyo.
  • Being a partner of famous architectural magazines in the field of interior and living style orientation, bringing luxury, convenience, affirmation and leveling up to customers.
  • Being  the first choice of customers who want to enjoy the sophistication, elegance and luxury in their living space.

Customers’ trends and tastes will always change, but products with high quality and  have sophisticated, leading- trend  such as Ngoc Diep Interior Aluminum are sure to be a sustainable choice for customer.