Group News | 07-04-2021

Prevention and control of acute respiratory infections (nCoV) at Ngoc Diep Group

Facing the situation of respiratory infections caused by corona virus (nCoV) globally, Ngoc Diep Group has actively implemented disease prevention and control measures throughout the system of offices and  all Machines.

At the entrance and the garage area, all employees will be checked body temperature before entering factories and offices. The elevator area, fingerprint area and the cafeteria is also equipped with antiseptic hand washing solution, ensuring maximum prevention of infection.

At  118 Nguyen Du Office, Hanoi, the building management board sprayed for disinfectant, and at the same time,  applied many supportive measures, propagated instructions, measured body temperature of all employees and guests before entering the company, prepared hand-washing, cleaning and disinfecting daily, offices, corridors, toilets …

Simultaneously, a lot of  propaganda articles and videos on symptoms and prevention of Corona Virus are updated regularly and continuously on the Group’s fanpage and the company’s general screen.The system of Group’s factories in Hung Yen also carried out synchronous measures to prevent and control against coronary diseases such as spraying disinfectant, checking body temperature of all employees, visitors when entering and leaving the gate, spraying disinfectant. , wear a mask at work …

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